Toyota Building Cleaner Greener Cars

Topics: Toyota, Toyota Production System, The Toyota Way Pages: 1 (575 words) Published: February 12, 2015

"Tovcltli':; rriission is t() become the most respected
adntilcr-l c;rr company in America,,, explains Jana Hart_
line . ntanagr:r' of environmental communications at Toy_
ota" To ai:r:ru.nplish this, Jana ancl her colleagues at Toyoia lre lvorltitrg torvard a future where a wide range nf inno_
l,ative vchicles, fuel technologies, and partnerships con_
verge to create an economically vibrant, mobile society in
harnrony ri,ith the environnrent. It,s a challenge Jana finds



aucl the

rcsult is cleaner, greener cars!


Kiichilo'[ovocla began reselrrch on


cngincs rn 1930. By 193-5 he hacl developed passenger car
l)rl)t()lvllcs. lnrl in It)57 he introduced the,,Toyopet,,in the [ ]nitcil Stllltrs. The Toyope( was not successful
and was dis..rrlirrLrt'r.l" Xrr I96-5, I'rowe'er, the Corona was introduced" ruirl il rvr:; lirlloured by thc Corollain 196g. The Corollawent ., t. l'rL'i-.rlrc the bcsl-selling passenger car in the worlcl. l irlt "1 7 rtrilliun ;lurcl'rasocl in more than lzl0 countries! 'l'lt(.

i)oprriru'ity rr1
automobiles continued to
rr.ou iir tlrr [.initecl States auc] in 197-5 it surpassed Volks_ \\'ii!rti t(i h(.)uotne the nurnber one irnport brand. In l99g 'lirvot'r lrrr-ritehcd
its tirst fr-rll-sized pickup. the Toyota
-l'irnclra. '{b1,ora
also expanded its proiuct line by adding
thc L,erLrs brand, rvhich became known for its exceptionai
quality' and customer service. By 2000, Lexus became

bcst-sellinq luxury brand in the United States, exceed_
ing sales o1'both Mercedes Benz and BMW. Toyota

North America. Toyota's sales and distribution organization includes 1,232 Toyota dealers Md229 Lexus dealers. Toyota's marketing organization has led to many memorable marketing campaigns. Some of its early taglines included "You Asked For It, you Got It!', and .,Oh What a Feeling!" which included the .,Toyota Jump.,, The

Lexus tagline, "The...
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