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Toyota, one of the most renowned auto company started having a problem around in 1998 when it failed o store its new brand product Lexus’s data’s ineffectively. Though all it did not happen on purpose, but accidentally the Lexus Company could not fulfil the requirement and satisfaction of its customer in its early trail of database maintenance. Lexus the Toyotas high end luxury system had implemented a Corporate Customer information System in which there were some problems seen regarding the recording of customer information and override of wrong information of the customer data. Though the company had best tried to save that customer information in a appropriate manner but due to the system deficiency the company was having a massive data quality problem. This problem aroused because the company failed to maintain and implement a central database system where all he customer information would be stored in a central database, which when required would display the multi branches customer information. The company had 15 different databases stored in 15 different parts of the company, where the individual company would only access their local data stored by the local branch. In words of Management we can correlate this problem as lack of centralised authority to data control, storing, maintenance and update of recent transactions. The world of Information Technology as compared to the Management is quite controversial. Controversial in a sense that, in proper management Decentralization and Delegation of authority is required to achieve the best results in efficient management performances while as in terms of Information Technology, it requires the access, storage, support and maintenance of centralised database system in order to keep the up to date records of every activities performed everyday to track down the right solution to the problem. An efficient Information System demands the availability of information and resources however and whenever demanded at any point of request. The database Toyota Lexus ha designed was to store all its customer info which would help when the system was asked to provide the customer details of the owner for organizational purpose.

The objective LEXUS had established to serve its customer via maintaining a customer dataset could not be fulfilled as the purpose of developing a database could no be fulfilled as it resulted to various problems in miscommunication of information all around. The ownership of the vehicles had been transferred to the people who did not even had the ownership license, the cheques were paid to the person who were even not entitled to receive and the legitimate information were passed where there had been frequent problems of fake customer identity. The customer details failed to validate the right owners of the vehicles which as a result led to a problem of data loss. Because of the problem, Toyota would return the owners car fixed, washed filled with fuel. Cheques were made payable to the people whom it did not even belonged to.


Example: 1

APR 17, 1998 | Recall ID# 50473 Hide Details
|Recall Reason |SUSPENSION:AUTOMATIC STABILITY CONTROL (ASC) | |Recall Date |APR 17, 1998 | |Model Affected |GS400 | |Potential Units Affected |14855 |

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