Toy Story 3

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Every kid reaches this point in his/her life eventually, and Andy’s time has come –already 17 of age, he has outgrown his toys (the well known characters we’ve all grown to love like Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, etc.), and is finally moving away for collage. Andy sorts out his things –deciding to bring Woody with him to college, while stuffing the rest in a garbage bag to be stored in the attic. His mom mistakes Andy’s toys as trash, and throws them out. The toys sneak into a box to be donated, thinking that Andy cares for them no more. They receive a warm welcome at Sunny Side –where the box was donated to, and it seems that all is well in their new paradise home, but then soon they realize that it’s not such a perfect place after all. Thus begins their journey back home, but first, Woody and the gang have to find a way to escape the almost inescapable prison that is Sunny Side. Will they ever make it back in time before Andy takes his leave?

Finding their way back to Andy’s pretty much comprised the second half of the movie, where we see Woody and the gang coming up with a grand escape plan, eventually making it back home just in the nick of time –while making new friends, and getting rid of a few antagonists like Lots –o’ –Huggin’ Bear (Lotso for short) along the way. The movie ends with Andy passing on his heritage to someone who would care for his toys just as much as he did when he was a kid, as he bids his very last farewell to Woody, his “partner,” and the rest of the gang as they part for the very last time.

TOY STORY 3 had such an amazing plot that was filled with just the right amount of comedy, action, thrill, and a good spur of emotional scenes here and there. It’s the perfect family flick –something that anyone of age will most definitely enjoy. You really get drawn to the story, while at the same time, slowly getting attached to the characters as the movie progresses (Especially if you have seen the previous TOY STORY movies). The...
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