Toxic Pcs

Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Toxic PCs
Computer hardware can contain a variety of toxic and hazardous materials. Today I’m going to talk about these kinds of materials and why they are toxic to our environment. I’m going to discuss the locations of disposed electronics and how it is done. When consumers donate old televisions and monitors to recyclers those companies should dispose of them in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment. Stockpiling monitors is hazardous to the environment. This is because the glass could easily break and the lead which is a neurotoxin material enters the soil and ground water. One of the major environmental impacts of dumping computers into landfills is due to the fact that the solder used in the components of the circuit boards is comprised of a tin-lead alloy and over time the lead can leach from the solder. Usually the lead, which is a toxic substance, finds its way into the drinking water (Warren, Scott) There are different type of companies that recycle electronics in different communities and some of them are nonprofit companies you just donate your computer to them for example there is this company in Michigan it is called Responsible Electronics Recycling they recycle computer the right way breaking computers into small particles and removing all the toxic material from getting into our environment. The role of disposing electronic has a great advantage because when monitors get recycled the right way they can be reused again for goods. The Responsible Electronic Recycling Company says: Our mission is to inspire our community to live and work in a sustainable manner.  This mission is accomplished by providing environmentally responsible electronics recycling and green job training for at-risk youth and challenged adults. 100% of proceeds generated go toward community service programs that focus on education and environmental initiatives (Responsible Electronic Recycling). And this is how recycling is done to these electronics. I think the technology...
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