Toxic Parents

Topics: Family, Dysfunctional family, Toni Morrison Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: December 18, 2013

Toxic Parents

Toni Morrison's fictional novel The Bluest Eye focuses on Pecola, a young black girl with a growing self -hatred . At the begin of the novel Pecola is staying with the Mcteer family because her house was burned down by her father and he ended up in jail. Neither of her parents bothered to check on her after Cholly was released from jail which shows the problems that lie in the Breedlove family. Toni Morrison shows us throughout the novel the toxic relationship that she has with her parents and reveals to us how that conflict began Pecola's self-hatred began and how it climaxed into insanity.

Pecola's self hatred is mostly a result of the way her parents treated her throughout her life. When Pecola is born her mother describes her as "Head full of pretty hair, but Lord she was ugly"(126). If her own mother thinks that her daughter is ugly, then so does Pecola. She lives her life believing that she's ugly and loathes herself because she's black which is what she thinks makes her ugly. At the beginning of the novel, when Pecola is still residing at the Mcteer home, Mama Breedlove makes it known to the reader that “That old trifling Cholly been out of jail two whole days and ain’t been here yet to see if his own child was "live or dead"( 25). She also adds "And her mama neither"(25). The reader can infer Pecola is a burden to her parents because they haven't even gone to check on her after her father was released from prison. This unloving attitude from her parents makes it impossible for her to love herself, and the entire absence of love in her life begins her trek towards madness.

Pecola’s dysfunctional family causes the most damage to her because of the everyday violence and because it in turn creates a series of other negative events. The uncontrollable violence in Pecola’s family happens every day, and Morrison describes days in the Breedlove family as "grouped, and classed by the quarrels" (41), the intensity...
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