Tower Defense

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Local Literature
Game Development in the Philippines may just be an infant but it is a fast growing industry. These articles tells us where our own gaming industry went so far.

In 2007, GDAP was formed in order to promote the interests of the Philippine game development industry. To date, it has more than 30 members consisting of schools, universities, and companies. One of its members is Anino Games, the oldest still-running Philippine game development studio, which is around a decade old. They host and organize various events and projects all over the Philippines, targeting not only aspiring game developers, but also educators, parents, and even government departments.1 One of the greatest misconceptions about game development is that students will mostly be playing games. When the game development enrollees find out that they have to take up subjects like design, math, and physics, the numbers start to dwindle. Parents also worry about the possible career paths their children might take. This is where GDAP comes in. Alvin Juban gives talks to parents and students who are interested in taking up game development courses in certain schools such as De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. His talks cover the scope of the course, the activities involved and the career paths, and the numerous options after graduating. This helps ease the worries and cures the misconceptions of the parents, and also helps the students build a more realistic expectation of what lies ahead. So is game development technical like computer science class or is it more about design like fine arts? Mr. Juban says, “It is a combination of both so we have to use both the left and right side of the brain.” Now that is easier said than done, right? That is what makes internships very interesting. Society 6 accepts interns in its studio. And unlike regular on-the-job-training programs, these interns participate in real projects, work hands-on, and are much like regular employees. Doing this doesn’t only equip them with knowledge, but also develops necessary skills to prepare them for the game developing industry after graduation.2 Some may say that the game development industry in the Philippines is not as awesome as those in some other nations. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to get any better. A recent report states that at the beginning of this year, there have been some 4,000 professionals working in the industry with about 60 companies. Projects have also been coming in more frequently. Last year, the industry was able to earn $70 million. Five percent of the people are working on console games. Fifteen percent are doing quality assurance (QA), game design consulting, and community support. The remaining 80 percent are focusing on mobile and social games. GDAP hopes that by 2016, there will be 15,000 game creation professionals nationwide. And even if the Philippines can’t win by numbers, Alvin is positively looking to win in value. In line with that, GDAP helped organize one of their most notable projects this year, the first Mobile Application and Game Development event in Zamboanga City. Through the combined efforts of the GDAP, the Information and Communications Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (ICT-BPO) group, the Department of Science and Technology – Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO) and the Zamboanga ICT Council (ZICT), 30 IT graduates/professionals get to participate in a month-long game development training free of charge.3

Foreign Literature
Developing a game is one thing and but converting that game into another format such as in mobile format is another thing. In this part certain articles tells us how doing that is possible.

According to Dave Bost, A common dream of most developers is to develop a game. Game development can be very intimidating to jump into straight away. The hardest decision is to determine what kind of game you’re going to create – what’s the backstory, who are...
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