Toward Culture Intelligence: Turning Cultural Differences Into a Workplace Advantage

Topics: Individual, Anthropology, Sociology Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Summarized Article
“Toward culture intelligence: Turning cultural differences into a workplace advantage” MGMT 321
Dr. Leila Halawi

Group 2
Fariba Kharazmi
Kareema Helal
Nesreen Bakheit
Sally El Gammal
Managers continue to struggle with the cultural differences among the employees in the workplace. This article discusses the Aggregate approach and Individualistic approach as well as the Cultural Intelligence approach which is a more advanced way of resolving these problems. The Aggregate Approach evolved from anthropology and sociology which is also done from a broad point of view overlooking the community as a whole also using comparisons between countries. The Individualistic Approach is basically a prolonged version of the aggregate approach which is progressed from psychology. People differ greatly, one common characteristic that everyone shares is self knowledge which is the way in which we view or perceive ourselves. It also helps us interpret new experiences. The Erez-Earley framework facilitates us to explain employee behavior in relation to their self knowledge. The new and improved approach, Cultural Intelligence, focuses on the individual (manager) and how he/she copes with the cultural differences rather than concentrate on it as a whole. Another form of intelligence mentioned in the article is Social and Emotional intelligence which explain how we relate to others and our ability to work successfully with them. The core of cultural intelligence can be illustrated as a framework with three interdependent elements: the head (thinking), the heart (energizing) and the body (acting). The head reveals a person’s existing knowledge and how to obtain new knowledge. The heart refers to a person’s energy, motivation and confidence to adapt or act in particular situations, especially complex ones. Finally, the body demonstrates a person’s ability to transform intensions and desires into action. This cultural intelligence...
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