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Lesson Seven: Tourists
Nancy Mitford
From The Water Beetle, 1962
ν       Do you like travelling (making tour)? Why or why not? ν       What is the purpose of a tourist?
for knowledge or culture; for sightseeing pleasure; for relaxation; for seeking novelties; for showing-off of their having physically been to places; for no purpose. ν       What are the advantages and disadvantages for a tourist attraction? Economy (hotel, restaurant, shop, entertainment, transportation); new idea; new life-style… pollution (air, sound, litter, spit); being materialistic (greedy for possession, cunning and dishonesty, turning tourist attractions into a stage setting for the mounting of cheap shows )… Nancy Mitford (1904–1973)

ν       Born: November 28,1904, London, England. ν       Died: January 30,1973 (aged 68), Versailles, France. ν       Occupation: novelist, biographer.
ν       Life Experience
ν       Born and brough up in London.
ν       Moved to Paris at the end of the Second World War and later to Versailles in1967. ν       A well-known public personality, invariably elegantly dressed,lived a busy social and literary life, had a huge number of friends and acquaintances in the English, French and Italian aristocracies, travelled frequently and established a pattern of visits to country houses in England, Ireland and France as well as annual visits to Venice. ν       Mitford Sisters

ν       She was one of the noted Mitford Sisters and the first to publicise the extraordinary family life of her very English and very eccentric family, giving rise to a 'Mitford industry' which continues. ν       Politically a moderate socialist, she somehow kept on good terms most of the time with her sisters, despite the extreme political views of Diana, Jessica and Unity, mainly by deploying her acerbic wit. Some of their letters are republished in The Mitfords: Letters between six sisters. ν       Style

ν       She had a particular "Mitford" brand of humour which became very well known through her novels and newspaper articles and attracted a cult following. ν       Her novels,letters, articles and essays are notable for their humour, irony, "teases" and cultural and social breadth. ν       Genre

ν       She is best remembered for her series of novels about upper-class life in England and France, particularly the four published after 1945; ν       She also wrote four well-received, well-researched popular biographies (of Louis XIV, Madame de Pompadour, Voltaire, and Frederick the Great). Major Works

ν       Highland Fling (1931)
ν       Christmas Pudding (1932)
ν       Wigs on the Green (1935)
ν       Pigeon Pie (1940)
ν       The Pursuit of Love (1945)
ν       Love in a Cold Climate (1949)
ν       The Blessing (1951)
ν       Madame de Pompadour (1954)
ν       Voltaire in Love (1957)
ν       Don't Tell Alfred (1960)
ν       The Water Beetle (1962)
ν       The Sun King (1966)
ν       Frederick the Great (1970)
Paragraph I
1. What is the topic sentence of this paragraph?
ν       Torcello which used to be lonely as a cloud has recently become an outing from Venice. 2.What is the first part of this paragraph (lines 1-10) about? ν       A brief description of the islet Torcello. ν       How much do you know about Torcello?

ν       The name “Torcello” means “Tower and Sky”. ν       Torcello is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, 10 km to the north-east of Venice. ν       Torcello was officially part of the Byzantine Empire and was ruled by the Bishop of Altino who made the island his official See in the seventh century. ν       Torcello became inaccessible in the twelfth century after the lagoon silted up. The increased volume of swampland led to malaria epidemics and the island's inhabitants migrated...
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