Tourism Promotion

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Tourism Promotion – stimulates sales through information dissemination Three Objectives of Tourism Promotion
1. Make the product widely known.
2. Make the product attractive to encourage people.
3. Make the product attractive without being dishonest.
Three goals of Tourism Promotion
1. Informative promotion – used to inform the public of your product. 2. Persuasive promotion- devising persuasive message.
3. Reminder promotion – used to remind people of their positive experiences. Goals of Promotion and the travelers Buying Process

Promotional Planning – Determines the objective and the plan of action Results of Promotional Planning
1. Consistent with the objectives of promotion.
2. Identified target market
3. Organized and specified advertising, sales support and public relation programs. 4. Proper budget allocation.
5. Specified methods to be used to control and assess the effectiveness of promotion. Elements of Promotional Planning
1. Goals
2. Target Market
3. Message
Promotion Mix – Tools to convey the message to the consumers. Major types of promotion mix
1. Advertising – non personal3. Sales promotion – very common 2. Personal selling –direct contact4. Public relation – strong image of an org. for the public.
5. Other types of promotions (Souvenir)
Major Issues of promotion
1. False oral or written statement w/c has the tendency to mislead the customers. 2. Representation of goods and services
3. Failure to state a material fact
4. Disparagement of goods and services or business of another. 5. Advertisement of products and services w/o the intention of selling as advertised.
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