Tourism on Malacca

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Tourism on Malacca, Malaysia


1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Situation Analysis 1 2.1 Market Summary 2 2.2 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis 3 2.3 Competition 4 2.4 Product Offerings 5 2.5 Distribution 6 3.0 Marketing Strategy 7 3.1 Objective 8 3.2 Target Markets and Segmentation 9 3.3 Positioning 10 3.4 Marketing Mix 11

4.0 Recommendation and Implementation 12

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Situation Analysis

2.1 Market Summary

This part is study about the SWOT analysis, competition, product offering and distribution. The SWOT analysis is divided into four parts which are strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat. The strength of tourism in Malacca are World Heritage Tours, cultural diversity and multiculturalism, transportation, accommodation, entertainment places and weather. The weaknesses of tourism in Malacca are poor transportation system and poor road infrastructure. The opportunities are Malacca International Airport, improved road infrastructure, new market and transportation system. The threats are environmental degradation, regional safety, Bangkok from Thailand, and Bali from Indonesia.

The next is about some competitions between Malaysia and other countries. From this study we made the comparison of tourism between Malaysia and other countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Each of them has their own culture and own benefits to the tourists as well.

After that, there is the product offering which the tourism in Malacca can offered to the tourists. It briefly explains what type of tourism services can be offered by tourism Malacca compared to others.

The last is about the distribution. It showed the distribution channel that tourism Malacca used towards the tourists as the customer to visit Malacca.

2.2 Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis


• World Heritage Tours

Malacca was listed as a World Heritage Tours on 7 July 2008. There are some historical places such as St Paul’s Hill, A Famosa and Dutch Square. These historical places had become the main of the tourist attraction. The tourists can enjoy the Malacca’s traditional Chinatown house that exhibits Peranakan Architecture at Jonker Walk.

• Cultural diversity and multiculturalism

Melaka is home to an eclectic mix of cultures and historic architecture that continually entice tourists into the region. It offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique cultural identity and history. Melaka consists of variety of culinary treats. Fresh seafood is prepared with Malay and Indian spices, along with a touch of European flair that has outlived its benefactors. Peranakan dishes, a result of Chinese immigrants assimilating into the local demographic, feature Chinese noodles and a long list of sundry spices.

• Transportation

Melaka Sentral is the main transportation hub of buses services and taxi services in Malacca. It is easier for tourists travel all the historical places by using pubic bus or taxi. The price of taxi services from Melaka Sentral to A Famosa is around 15...

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