tourism on ice

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Tourism On Ice – Case Study
People go to Chamonix for Winter Sports and Sightseeing

Tourism has Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts on the Region Economic Impacts:
1) The TOURISM INDUSTURY in Chamonix creates a lot of JOBS, e.g. 2500 PEOPLE work as SEASONAL WORKERS every year. 2) Companies make a LOT OF MONEY from tourism in Chamonix, e.g. Compagnie du Mont Blanc is a company that runs SKI LIFTS and RAIL TRANSPORT – it has a turnover of €50 MILLION. Social Impacts:

1) The TYPES of JOBS available in Chamonix have CHANGED from FARM LABOURING to jobs in RESTAURANTS and HOTELS etc. 2) Tourist DEVELOPMENTS, e.g. ski slopes, have increased the RISK of AVALANCHES. This means there are more DEATHS from avalanches, e.g. in 1999 an avalanche KILLED 12 PEOPLE. Environmental Impacts

1) Large numbers of tourists cause a lot of TRAFFIC, which INCREASES POLLUTION. E.g. a study from 2002 to 2004 showed that TRAFFIC POLLUTION was WORSE in the Chamonix region than in the CENTRE OF PARIS. 2) A huge amount of ENERGY is USED to run the FACILITIES for tourists, e.g. the hotels, ski lifts and snow-making machines. This increases CO2 EMMISIONS, which increases GLOBAL WARMING. Tourism in the Resort has to be Carefully Managed

1) A system of AVALANCHE BARRIERS is maintained around the resorts, e.g. there’s a BARRIER at TACONNAZ. There are also AVALANCHE AWARENESS COURSES and DAILY BULLETINS to keep tourists AWARE of the RISKS. This means tourists are LESS LIKELY to be HURT or KILLED by an avalanche. 2) The amount of TRAFFIC in Chamonix is managed by providing FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT for tourists. The amount of POLLUTION from public transport is reduced by using LOW EMISSION BUSES.# 3) Some hotels are REDUCING their ENERGY USE, e.g. by installing SOLAR PANELS to HEAT WATER and systems to automatically TURN LIGHTS OFF. This means CO2 EMMISIONS are REDUCED.
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