Tourism of Haiti

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Client Briefing: Tourism Board of Haiti3
The Management Research Aim:5
Research Objectives:5
Research Approach and Methods6
Data Collection7
Key indicators of Haiti Tourism Sector8
Table 1:10
Strategic Branding Destination Model: Success Drivers13
Figure 1:14
Data Analysis and Findings from Taiwan Case Study15
Data Analysis and Findings from MALDIVES Case Study16
Data Analysis and Findings from Tsunami Recover of Thailand’s Tourism Case Study18 CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS20
Figure 3:21
Step 5: Marketing mix and Communications Strategies23
Step 6: Managing customer response and feedback23


How can Haiti exploit the negative outcomes of the earthquake to become a future tourist destination? INTRODUCTION

Client Briefing: Tourism Board of Haiti

The following management research study has been conducted in order to address how Haiti can exploit the negative impacts of the earthquake to rebuild the tourism industry and become a popular future tourist destination again. The natural disaster occurred in the beginning of the year 2010, shadowed prosperity and development of country’s tourism sector. Direct damages, consequences, costs of the earthquake have been reported by the media many times. Furthermore, the unexpected incident caused tourists and travelers lose safety confidence into the magnificent nature and attractions of Haiti. Contributing to 7.4% of GDP and 5.8% of total employment of the country, tourism sector plays a crucial role in Haiti’s economy, (United States Agency for International Development (USAID), 2007). Thus, avoiding negative influences of the earthquake and retracting the tourists are the main objectives of Tourism Board of Haiti and Tourism Ministry of the country. These government bodies are now confronting the challenge of negative outcomes of natural disasters, which is creating the unfavorable image of the country that harming the tourism sector very badly. Understanding the importance of the issue, the researcher has conducted the management research to suggest the Tourism Board of Haiti on how to rebuild sector’s reputation and recover the image of the tourist destinations in the region. Hence, the consultant will be focusing on discovering efficient ways of tourist retention into the country. In order for the consultant to effectively fulfill the requests of Tourism Board of Haiti, the study begins with identifying overview and background of Haiti’s tourism sector and the key indicators that demonstrate a decline in the industry after the earthquake. Addressing the decline of the market due to the natural disaster with statistical evidence, the consultant comes up with possible solutions learnt from other given cases studies and suggests applying for destination branding concepts along with developing tourism infrastructure. Finally, the suggestions will be made to the client based on the research findings learnt by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data given in identical case studies. Background:

Due to the global issues, such as climate change, statistics have proven that over the past decades there has been an increase in the number of natural disasters worldwide since year 1980, Climate Progress website (2008). Unfortunately, natural disasters such as tsunamis, storms and earthquakes could result in the crisis of destinations, as well as promote positive perceptions towards destinations due to undermined safety and security image of tourist destinations, Beirman (2003:6). Hence, there is a strong a negative correlation between natural disasters and tourism industry. That happens because of natural disasters’ impeding the development of tourism infrastructure, destroying the natural attractions and popular destination areas in the country. One of the countries whose tourism...
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