Tourism Management Term Paper

Topics: Tourism, Epistemology, Knowledge Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1. Tourism Management has given me information a lot and clarification on the things that I wasn’t knowledgeable about. It indeed brought me a paradigm shift on the things that were quite unclear to me before. I remember such things like the different types of accommodation we have, I wasn’t that aware that there were a lot of types of accommodation, I was only aware of the common ones. Same also with the resorts, divisions and services that were only a few to name before whenever I was asked but now became broader now that Tourism Management has given enough knowledge for it. There was a sudden shift from becoming innocent to becoming educated. 2. As a BSBA student, it is valuable for us to take this Tourism Management subject. It does not only add up our knowledge about the world of tourism industry but also gives us a wider selection of courses of jobs to choose from. Tourism Management also removed our innocence from the things that we should be well-educated from like traveling guidelines. 3. I think the prospects for the Philippine tourism industry would be that it would be much better than before because of the different proposals and plans of the government for our country. Like the recent article from August 2012 which cites the different projects of the government particularly for the tourism. The executive summary is composed of: Stable global economy sustains strong travel and tourism growth, Government approves Open Skies Policy which grants foreign carriers unlimited rights to fly in and out of the country without restrictions on frequency, capacity and type of aircraft, next is Travel retail has the lowest value increase, then a topic about Climate change affecting domestic tourism, and New Tourism Board Secretary sets targets of 10 million foreign arrivals by 2016. 4. I think any person who would be given a chance to work in the tourism industry will surely grab the opportunity, and I would do the same also. Being in the world of...
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