Tourism Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country, which is rich and abundant with culture as well as a well-diversified community. With its exotic and unique traditional customs existing in perfect harmony with first world infra-structure, it certainly is an alluring place to spend your holidays for those who yearn to experience an interesting blend of flavours.

One of the many factors that make Malaysia a unique holiday destination would be its abundance in nature. Long stretch of sandy beaches and rainforests serve as an attraction to nature lovers. Beaches and islands such as Pulau Redang, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Pangkor are popular tourist spots just to name a few. Some of the islands are known for their beautiful corals and snorkelling activities while some, just for the magnificent view of white sheets of sandy beaches laid by the seaside. Conservation of rainforests by transforming them into national parks also managed to lure visitors to experience the wilderness of nature by jungle trekking through the terrains.

Apart from that, the many authentic cultures that can be found here play a vital role as tourist's magnet as well. Ranging from three main ethnics to the orang asli, we sure have got plenty to offer. A trip to one of the long houses would be yet another great destination. Also, it is also rich with historical values, which dates back to the Palaeolithic Era. Malacca is also one of the famous states in Malaysia made famous by the occupation of Portuguese and the relics as well as live style they left behind. Besides that, everything available in Malaysia is economical. Hence, lowering the costs and expenses.

Tourism is indeed a growing field in Malaysia and continuous efforts must ensue in order to encourage and catalyst the expansion of this industry. The success of tourism benefits not only the government but also locals as they create more job opportunities. Ergo, reducing the number of jobless people and consequently lifts the...
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