Tourism Industry

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I would like to give a especial thank to Mr Sanjika Perera, the director of Sri Lanka Tourist Board, London who helped me to bring this report to a success by providing latest reports, brochures and answering the questionnaire and spending his valuable time for my interview.

Next I would like to thank my friends, and family to helping me to find information.

Also I want to thank Mr. Philip Clough, my tutorial lecturer.

And finally my thank goes to the college technician Mr. Manjith for helping me with technological issues.


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Problems occurred in Sri Lankan tourism industry due to war08

Affects of new born peace to,

a) Investors10

b) Tourists12

c) Areas and Regions14

d) Social life and Local people15

PEST analysis17

SWOT analysis21



Glossary of terms31


This report contains the results of the investigation which is done to find out ‘how the new born peace will affect the tourism industry of Sri Lanka after defeating the LTTE leader Brabhakaran and washing out terrorism from Sri Lanka. The main areas used for the investigation are,

1. The problems occurred in Sri Lankan tourism industry due to war.

Under this area, this investigation is carried over the major problems which Sri Lankan tourism industry faced because of the war. This is mainly carried out through secondary data such as news paper articles, other articles from the websites and report published by Sri Lankan tourism development Authority. Some of the facts were gathered through the questionnaire given to the director of the Sri Lankan tourist Board, London.

2. Affects of new born peace to

a. Investors

Under this factor the investigation runs towards the new opportunities which investors will have in the future after the war and what will be the incentives and advantages of investing in those areas. This is also mainly done through the secondary data such as newspaper articles, brochures and reports published by the Sri Lankan tourism development authority, websites.

b. Tourists

The research carried over to find out what will happen to the number of tourist arrivals in future after the war. What are the new facilities will offer by Sri Lankan tourism industry, what will be the attracting destinations developed and how will the government help in developing tourism industry. Mainly this is carried out by primary data which is collected through the questionnaire and others were gathered from the secondary data.

c. Social life and local people

In this research is on the changes, that will happen on social life and the local people with the new born peace and its affects on tourism. These information were gathered by using both primary and secondary data.

d. Areas and regions

Here the investigation is on the tourist areas which will affect the new born peace. The report contains the new developments of tourist areas will be done in Sri Lanka. The research is done using secondary data such as websites.

3. PEST analysis SWOT analysis

This research carried a PEST analysis and a Swot Analysis in order to find out how the political, economical, social and technological environments will change or adjust according to the peace affected tourism. Also an analysis for SWOT to find out the strengths & opportunities that will strengthen the growth of the tourism industry and weaknesses & threats which will weaken the growth of the tourism industry. For this both primary and secondary data have been used. Specially the report publishes...
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