Tourism in Goa

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Tourism in Goa|

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Executive summary3
Goa - the jewel in the India’s crown5
Geographical details5
Tourism in Goa5
Duration of stay6
Type of tourists6
Government policies7
Goa’s future7
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Executive summary
Goa is a destination with a growing rate of visiting tourists. It has ideal places to explore as beaches, natural beauties and monumental experiences. The tourism business is growing since domestic tourists have increased significantly for the last decade. The hotel industry is ready for this challenge since Goa still has the unexplored land, where investments can be made for the growing the accommodation area. However, Goa is going through a transition where the type of tourists is changing. The majority of the foreign tourists are students who are seeking for enjoyment, in terms parties and beaches. This leads to another image of Goa as it was used to in the beginning of 60’s where it was more a relaxation and culture friendly destination. In order to keep a competitive advantage, Goa must target new types of tourists which could be for instant sports interested people.

In the past decades a lot of new places in Asia have been discovered and developed. This has created attraction spots for tourists from all over the world. The tourism sector is booming in these new developed places which results in even more research for these places. The objective of the present study is to get overall insight information about Goa and to identify the size and the nature of the tourism industry. A literature review has been undertaken in order to identify possible growth of tourism in Goa.

Goa - the jewel in the India’s crown
Geographical details
* Area: 3,702 km2
* Located on the west coast
* On north bounded by the state of Maharashtra and east and south by Karnataka. Arabian Sea at the west coast. (“The World Factbook”, 2010) History
Goa was ruled by different Empires until 25 November 1510 where Yusuf Adil Shah lost Goa to Portugal. It was then known as a Portuguese colony for 450 years but was liberated on 19th December 1961 by the Indian Army. It was under the Union Territory which was administrated from New Delhi till it attained Statehood on May 30, 1987 (“The World Factbook”, 2010) Location

Goa is located on the west coast of India with a 105 km of shoreline with its beaches along. The state has a pleasant weather for sun-people with temperature varying from 25-30 degrees. It is naturally gifted by its scenic beauty and not to mention some of the historical monuments. The following is a list of the considered tourist attractions in Goa. (Datamation, 2006) * Beaches

* Churches/temples/mosques
* Spice plantations
* Lakes
* Waterfalls
* Colonial buildings
* Forts
* Eco-tourism (wildlife, forests)
Tourism in Goa
After the liberation in 1961, tourists started visiting Goa as an attraction place. In 1961 tourists from 39 countries visited Goa, totally 1439 persons and 10,422 night lodgings. (Kamat, 2010) The increasing demand from the tourists in terms of accommodation, entertainment, medicines created opportunities for the local people who were mostly fishermen or farmers. This resulted in investments and opened governmental capital for developing infrastructure in Goa (Kamat, 2010). Figure [ 1 ] – Flow of tourists (1985-2008)

Source: Kamat, 2008, p.141
Figure 1 shows tourists arrival for domestic regions and foreign countries. As it can be seen, Goa is having a steady increase in arrivals. The foreign arrivals increase steadily over the years whereas there is a severe increase in domestic arrivals since 2000. There are various factors that have contributed to this as increase of income for middle class and increased number of cheap accommodation (Kamat,...

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