Tourism in Canada

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Tourism has always been apart of us in different ways, shapes, and forms. It has greatly evolved due to technology and transportation advances, which have made traveling efficient and quick and given us the proper resources to be prepared prior to “adventuring” away from home.

Tourism has become the largest growth industry in the world. It not only witnesses millions of tourists but is also host to the largest number of jobs. Ranging from hotels, restaurants, attraction sites, transportation services, etc the tourism industry is booming. Tourists travel differently. Weather it be individually, as a couple, as a family, or a group of friends, they all travel to enjoy natural and/or cultural attractions.

Natural tourism, ecotourism, consists of tourists exploring natural attractions created by nature and not man. Wildlife, landscape, and natural phenomena’s are just a few examples of natural attractions. Cultural tourism is based on the culture of people of geographic regions. This includes lifestyles, architecture, museums, theatres, and festivals. The attraction is experiencing other people’s way of life.

The first website we will analyze will be “” which deals with providing services to tourists who want to enjoy the natural attraction of Niagara Falls; located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Niagara Central Reservations is an organization that aims at being a “one stop” destination for tourists to book and plan their visit to Niagara Falls. The purpose of the website is to help tourists easily explore the Niagara area through providing information, pictures, reservations, services, and much more. The main goal behind Niagara Central Reservations is to make planning and booking a full vacation easy and headache free so the tourists can spend more time enjoying the beautiful region instead of worrying about details.

The website is aimed to include absolutely everything a tourist needs during the Niagara Falls experience. Therefore, the website provides information as well as reservations, where possible, for lodging, things to do, dining, shopping, tours, and even a history of Niagara Falls. Tickets for attractions and tours are made available through Niagara Central Reservations, which demonstrates just how easy they would like to make the experience for tourists.

The website displays a variety of tourist activities, lodging, attractions, and entertainment. The famous “Mist boat tour” is described amongst other tours types, such as via land or air, to enjoy Niagara Falls depending on tourists’ preferences. The lodging aspect is covered based on tourists’ budgets and tastes. The website includes bed and breakfast locations for perhaps the more romantic tourists and fun and exciting locations for more family and oriented visitors. Attractions are endless in the Niagara region. There is information on everything including museums of art and history, haunted houses, theme parks that include Marineland and the Safari/Niagara Zooz, beaches, and even wineries! Some say there is so much to do but so little time.

The website is extremely easy to navigate through and it provides all the necessary information to enjoy a vacation to Niagara Falls. The online reservations of dining, lodging, and even tours really makes it easy and stress free for tourists. The greatest part of the site is the clarity and organizational structure. All categories of activities are grouped neatly. The only problem I encountered is the lack of packages made available. There is nothing offered in terms of bundle deals which makes it longer to plan a full vacation.

The second website we will analyze will be “” which deals with providing services to tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauties of parks all across the province of Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Parks is a government website aimed at providing information on natural parks in Ontario. The purpose of the website is...
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