Tourism Impacts

Topics: Tourism, Travel agency, European Union Pages: 4 (1483 words) Published: May 10, 2013
List of the recommended dissertation topics

1.Tourism as a development strategy in micro regions, demonstrating it by a few specific examples. 2.The role of strategic and operative tourism programs and their contribution to the development of tourism in the regions. 3.The role of Tourism Marketing Boards in the development of regional offers – thematic tours, etc. 4.Changes in the scale of values among the inhabitants of those settlements where they make their living from tourism. (Survey of literature and research hypotheses.) 5.The impact of events on the development of tourism in a selected micro-region or region through comparative research. 6.The role of training, marketing and advertising in operating rural tourism by indicating a specific area. 7.The impact of tourism developments in Hungary on the life of a settlement or micro-region. Analysis of the impact of developments from economic, ecological and social aspects. 8.Foreign interests in the domestic tourism market. Motivations, targeted areas, concentration of capital and globalisation ambitions. 9.Development of Hungary’s competitiveness in the field of active international tourism, giving a comparative analysis. 10.Actualities of aquatic sports tourism (cyclist tourism, etc.) in Hungary. Motivations, specific expenditure, possibilities, infrastructure, shortcomings and the analysis of the situation at home and abroad. We will accept only one entry per topic. 11.The competitiveness of the Hungarian MICE tourism offer. International survey. Development trends and the expected impact on budget revenue from tourism. 12.Comparative assessment of tenders for central and regional tourism developments. Preliminary impact analysis. Application of economical aspects in the field of regional/local tourism developments, demonstrated by specific examples. 13.Survey of the competitiveness of organising sports events in Hungary, in light of the given infrastructure and governmental...
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