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Class: Civics
Topic: Tourism

Tourism - the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence Tourist- A person who travels away from home for leisure, Business or any other purposes for longer than a day Excursionist: Persons traveling for pleasure in a period less than 24 hours Types of Arrivals

A foreign air arrival- arrives by scheduled or chartered airline or by a private plane. A foreign sea arrival- who arrives in The Bahamas via a cruise ship, yacht and sail boat Sea landed arrival- visitor has left the cruise ship to take up other accommodations. Stopover- are visitors who stay at least one night in The Bahamas Transit- Transits are visitors who pass through The Bahamas on the way to somewhere else. Day visitors -are visitors who visit The Bahamas but do not stay overnight.

Tourism can be classified into the following types:
Domestic tourism: Residents of the given country traveling only within their country. Inbound tourism: involves non-residents travelling within a country. Outbound tourism: involves residents travelling within another country. Categories of tourism

Leisure Tourism: sport activities, swimming, visit local attractions, shopping Business Tourism: travel for business purposes: contract negotiations Medical Tourism: travel to receive treatment, surgical procedure Cultural Tourism: travel to experience the culture of a country (festivals, museums, historical sites) Adventure Tourism: travel to experience outdoor activity, adventure, river rafting, and bungee jumping Eco Tourism: responsible travel, travel to provide ecological conservation Sports Tourism: international travel to view or participate in a sporting event Religious Tourism: religious people who travel for religious sites, crusades and conventions Class Activity

1. Create an activity schedule for one day, for a group of tourist visiting the Bahamas. You most select one of the categories above to create...
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