Tour Operator

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Tour Operator

Table of contents
2.The role tour operator3
3.Different Type of Tour Operators3
a.The Domestic Operators3
b.The Incoming Tours Operators3
c.Mass Market tour operators3
d.Specialist tour operators3
e.Independent tour operator3
4.Forces affecting on tour operators4
5.Package Holiday or Inclusive Tour4
a.Inclusive tour Product Transport4
b.Inclusive tour Product-Accommodation4
c.Inclusive Tour Product Transfer and extra4
6.Planning, marketing and negotiating package tours5
a.Market research5
1.Airline Negotiation5
2.Accommodation negotiations5
3.Transfers and Ancillary services Negotiations6
7.Associated bodies6
8.Future of Tour Operators6

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and the most fragmented. Within this industry, tour operators play an essential part, as they represent a central connection between tourists and tourism service provider.

This report will examine the link between tour operators and other sector of the travel and tourism industry by identifying different products and services provided by tour operators for different target markets. Different factors influencing this sector will be explained as well as and the implication of vertical and horizontal integration within this sector. Finally a brief analysis of the future of tour operators will be given and this is based on research and finding. 2.The role tour operator

According to Pro-Poor Tourism (2004) tour operators are businesses that mix two or more travel services such as transport, accommodation, catering, and entertainment, and sell them directly or through travel agencies to final consumers as a single product. A tour operator is thus a crucial link in the distribution chain, representing the central connection between customers and providers of tourism services, and thus has the power to influence both the demand and the supply side. 3.Different Type of Tour Operators

a.The Domestic Operators

They are companies that develop and sell the holiday within the country in which the tourist reside, they offer a variety of holiday products such as: coach holidays, city break, farm holiday, holiday centres b.The Incoming Tours Operators

They are tour operators specializing in arranging holidays within their own country for foreign travellers. They offer both full package and tailor made holiday e.g. coach tours, rail holidays, self drive tours c.Mass Market tour operators

This category of tour operator arrange travel for the majority of holidaymakers travelling on inclusive tours for the outbound traveler d.Specialist tour operators
They specialize in a particular type of holiday or destination and deal especially with niche products and markets, such as golfing trips or travel to a geographic area. e.Independent tour operator

They are usually small businesses that are not part of larger, integrated companies,

4.Forces affecting on tour operators
Economic factors: Rises in the cost of oil and other natural resources can push up a tour operator’s costs and affect its profitability •Environmental factors: such as floods, oil spillage, avalanches, hurricanes… •Technological factors: The growth of the internet for searching and booking holidays is having a major impact on the way that tour operators sell their holidays. •Political and social factors also affect tours operators b.Internal:

For a Tour Operator to be successful, the internal aspects of the human elements of a company – their actions, reactions and interactions need constant reviewing and realignment. •Motivation and related factors

Motivation is a priority in the improvement of staff performance, thus feeling greater fulfilment and satisfaction within the work environment. •Learning and training skills development
Barriers to learning...

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