Tough Guy Case Study

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Analysis Paper

This paper mainly addresses the differences between the interests, ideas and thinking of two people and between groups. Each individual experience conflict in his day to day life . This paper consists of investment banking career and issues faced by an employee from his superior. In an organization, it is very important to emphasize on the conflict management as conflicts in an organization have its own pros and cons The paper explains root causes for the issues and criteria for finding the solution for the problem. .The analysis paper clarifies about possible solution for the root cause taking into the fusion concept into consideration and how it can be implemented. The further part of the paper describes the efficiency of the solution and also the suitable end.

Investment banking itself is quite a pleasing career with grand wages in the World of Finance. The Investment bank Hudson Smith Gordon is well known for its business with organizations to help the investors to overcome their financial problems. Jeremy Frazer, an associate at the Hudson investment bank that focuses on middle market size deals with financial analysis and program trading. The case study paper discusses about the Frazer’s and his four other members working on a negotiation business deal that included the Vice President – Mr. Chip Mazey in the team. The discussion revolves round the vice president, the tough guy’s pejorative behavior towards the four members and their night mare experiences with Chip Mazey. BACKGROUND:

Chip Mazey is one of the Vice president of Hudson investment bank and was linked with bank for more than 10 years. He is a very solid banker but he is poor with people management skills. Frazer and three other members had to work with him for a negotiation. They found themselves in a difficult situation, one that most of them thought they had no power to change. After all, doing something about Mazey’s behavior was tricky business. Still Frazer was motivated with the deal which he was working because it was a multi-billion dollar deal and also he was directly dealing with the vice president. DEFINING THE PROBLEMS:

The first meeting between Frazer and Chip did not go well as per Frazer expectations Mazey ordered Frazer to stand “right here” and pointed to a spot on the floor in front of his desk. Frazer felt uneasy about being spoken to him in this manner, but because it was the first time he had worked with Mazey, he decided not to mention anything. He also heard from his associates talking about Chip’s bad people management skills, but he did not take decision based on the first meeting. Next few weeks Frazer was continuously insulted for not doing proper work, this led to Frazer to pull belief and he also used to work in multiple assignments, reporting to other managers and compared working with them and in particular with Chip. IDENTIFYING CRITERIA FOR AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION:

Communication plays a major role in dealing with any problem. Based on the facts it is clearly evident that the message was not communicated properly and in a proper manner. Good work has to be acknowledged and in order to achieve any kind of success in the work it is imperative that a person has to have patience in order to achieve extra ordinary things. Proper respect needs to be given to your colleagues. Short temper leads to chaos and one should always be punctual in work and should be sincere. Acknowledging good work and focusing on work is one of the most important criterions in order to succeed in this dynamic world. Always employees need to be recognized for their good work and they should be given good credit. IDENTIFY ROOT CAUSES:

What makes a Bad boss – bad?
Fusion is to bring all ideas together and employing the best idea which is good and acceptable for organization. This helps the...

References: Clawson, James G. and Yemen, Gerry, Tough Guy. Darden Case No. UVA-OB-0913. Available at SSRN:
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