Touching Spirit Bear

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“Everybody is part of the healing, including people from the community-anybody who cares. But healing is much harder than standard punishment. Healing requires taking responsibility for your actions.”

Everyone has a role in their community, and based on their role comes a responsibility. My role in my community is as a student, and my responsibility as a student is to respect my peers and to learn how to become a productive member of society. Young students generally lack the ability to respect themselves completely, which makes them have trouble respecting others. However, ones ability to control his or her anger can affect their ability to respect. I think that when someone in a community has hurt or been hurt, the community is partially responsible for helping the perpetrator/victim heal. Whether the people involved in the problem are respected or not, the community is still responsible for helping them in the stark task of healing because they are a part of the community, and they each contribute toward helping the community.

Although when a bad choice is made people get hurt, I thinks that it’s important to make a bad choice every now and then because the community, not just the person, can always learn and improve upon themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a big accident to help someone improve, like Cole. I agree with what the character Edwin said about how someone can change with a steady, continuous push or with a sudden push. I like that idea because not every person reacts to an event the same way.

I agree with the statement that healing is much more difficult than the standard punishment. In the book Touching Spirit Bear, Cole heals only after he learns how to respect, to control his anger, and helps the boy he hurt. However, at first, he feigned that he cared and just kept being defiant. It’s not easy for one to wake up and turn his or her life around. I find that even when I decide I’m going to change my approach towards something,...
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