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Academic challenges

The intellectual challenge of studying at university is stimulating and enjoyable for many students. You'll learn about the subject matter that interests you from leading researchers and experts in their field. The academic challenges faced by new students at university can be quite demanding. You will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning, manage your own workload and complete your assignments to strict deadlines. This requires a lot of self-motivation and dedication. The challenges

In order to make your transition in to academic life run as smoothly as possible there are a number of factors for you to consider: * getting used to the methods of teaching and ways of learning at the University * understanding the different types of assessment formats * learning how to study independently

* understanding the grade structure
* dealing with the volume and pace of the workload
* making the most out of the contact hours available to you with your tutors How the University can help you
The University offers a number of support services and resources to help you adapt to university life. * Week One induction programme when you first start your course * Pathway website provides general study skills guidance and support * The Student Services Centre offers help with all academic and financial issues * Libraries for accessing resources, facilities and services: do a library tour * Student's Union

* Disability Policy Advisory Unit
How to overcome the challenges
There are a number of things you can do to overcome the academic challenges you will face: * turn up to class and do the work
* discuss academic issues with tutors and lecturers
* allow yourself time to acclimatise to the new teaching and learning environment * develop a study timetable and stick to it
* don’t lose heart if you receive lower marks than you are used to - it takes time to adjust to the assessment...
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