Totalitarianism in Animal Farm
Topics: George Orwell, Animal Farm / Pages: 19 (642 words) / Published: Dec 2nd, 2013

Ali Mohmmed Class # 2510 10/25/2013 The definition of term “Totalitarian regimes” used to describe a political system total authority over all society. Indeed, it seeks to control all aspects of public and private life of society. A few of politicians disagree with this definition, but most of them agree with this definition. Many politicians believe that it is kind of administration of societies which gives many benefits for those societies; on the other contrary, I think people in those different communities suffer from totalitarian management concept because it tries to control on minds of people and their behavior. Because there are many restrictions for people in those communities, many of them prefer immigration instead of living in these societies, and others would prefer struggling against authority totalitarian to get a freedom. In story “Animals Farm” by George Orwell the two main characters want to change their lives; therefore, they faced many challenges to make those hard decisions be able to become true. Comparing between these two characters, both of these characters Boxer and Benjamin considered Rebels against injustice. Even though the character boxer has some flaws, I find it a more likeable character. The story is about animals suffered from owner of farm. Jones, who is a farmer and the owner of Manor Farm, faced financial challenges in management of farm. Jones was drunkard, so he lost everything. The owner of farm treated with these animals cruelly; therefore, they decided to throw out the owner, hoping live without abuse. Benjamin, who represents a donkey character, faced many

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