Topics: Communism, Totalitarianism, Soviet Union Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: April 6, 2014
The beginning of the twentieth century brought many new reforms and styles of government as countries began to evolve and modernize. World War I brought about new forms of world power with the formation of alliances and pacts among countries. In the wake of these alliances, a new form of totalitarianism began to come forth bringing a modern approach to an older form of government. Unlike the previous form in which citizens could still live by their own religious beliefs under the government, the new totalitarian system required that every citizen participated in and lived by the rules and religion of the country for the interest of the entire country. Independence was of little importance. The goals of the government took precedence over and personal activity. In the autobiographies Night and When Broken Glass Floats, both Wiesel and Him recall the significant role of the state on their Jewish and Korean pasts as they endured the rise of the repressing totalitarian governments.

In the mid-1900 Germany, Hitler dreamed of forming a government where the people would follow his direct order. This would create a perfect utopian society in which the superior race thrived. Hitler developed a foreign policy that was designed to overthrow the treaty of Versailles, and make Germany the leading world power he believed it could be. He envisioned a unified Germany with “One people, One nation, One leader.” Non-Germans were forced to suffer in concentration camps where they performed manual labor that eventually became unbearable due to the starvation and sickness. This led to death and almost a complete annihilation of an entire people group. Hitler exploited the Jews and Gypsies for what he saw as good of the development of Germany into the world power. Those who did not fit the blonde hair and blue eyed Aryan type were automatically considered a threat. Hitler saw communism as the real threat to Europe and feared a communist revolution in Germany. He built his...
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