Total Quality Mangement

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The “Body of Knowledge” for Total Quality Management embraces:

The concepts of Total Quality;
Application of the concepts of Total Quality to:
products and services
through the provision of appropriate
values, policies and objective
processes and measurement
leadership, training and motivation

Total Quality is a way of life. Total Quality is not a programme with a defined end point. A total Quality strategy will be effective only through long-term commitment and dedicated application by executive management and all employees. It requires the consistent application of the appropriate human and technical processes, tools and techniques. Concepts:


The Institute of Management Services defines Total Quality Management as:

"A strategy for improving business performance through the commitment and involvement of all employees to fully satisfying agreed customer requirements, at the optimum overall costs, through the continuous improvement of the products and services, business processes and people involved."

The concept of Total Quality Management can be expressed as “Achieving success through delighting our customers”.

Customers being the internal user, the external customer or end-user, together with the other stakeholders, i.e.


It also requires consideration of the environmental needs of the community. Key concepts of Total Quality

Total Quality Management is a strategy for business success, based on the following concepts: Total Quality means:

achieving strategic goals through customer focus and continuous improvement delighting the customer, satisfying needs and expectations anticipating the needs of the market
understanding and managing customer expectations
understanding the aims and capabilities of the your own organisation all employees taking ownership of the products and services delivered

Total Quality requires:

management leadership and long term commitment
managers to act as role models who lead and empower change a management culture of partnership, learning together, guidance and support for employees clearly defined business objectives communicated by managers and supervisors, understood and “owned” by all employees. “Ownership” can be viewed as the “acceptance of accountability”. Encouraging and empowering all employees to adopt “ownership” behaviour. Ownership of their outputs, ownership of customers problems, ownership of improvement actions. A focus on success through people

solutions by consensus
recognition of success
a “no blame” attitude
education and training based on defined user needs
effective communication including listening, providing feedback and provision of visual communication

Total Quality Management is an organisation wide process based on:

best use of the resources of the total organisation
organisational flexibility and response to change
defined internal and external customer/supplier relationships embracing: external customers
internal customers
external suppliers
internal suppliers

bound together in long term business relationships

measurement of performance. The standard is the “agreed customer requirement”and the required performance is absolute conformance to agreed customer requirements customer satisfaction

process efficiency
anticipating customer needs and expectations
delivering products and services that delight customers benchmarking - identifying and adopting world-wide best practice measuring and monitoring continuous improvement

The focus for Total Quality

is continuous improvement aimed at achieving total “customer...
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