Total Quality Management: a Future in Chinese Architecture Practice

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08/01/2008 Date:___________________ Hao Sun I, _________________________________________________________, hereby submit this work as part of the requirements for the degree of:

Master of Science

It is entitled:
Total Quality Management: A Future in Chinese Architecture Practice

This work and its defense approved by:

Dr. David G. Saile Chair: _______________________________ Prof. Gordon B. Simmons _______________________________

_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

Total Quality Management: A Future in Chinese Architecture Practice

A dissertation submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Cincinnati In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE In the School of Architecture and Interior Design of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning


HAO SUN B. Arch, Architecture Zhejiang University, China, June 2001

Committee Chair: Dr. David G. Saile Prof. Gordon B. Simmons


With the economy booming at miraculous speed in China, building industry, particularly architecture, has grown rapidly. While Chinese architects are enjoying the opportunity to build their own monuments, they are also facing the challenges of international competition and economic cycle. The operation and management system of architectural firms should adjust to meet the challenges. Total Quality Management, a system created within Japanese corporations, is a solution to build the overall competitiveness of design and service firms. The thesis will introduce the basics of Total Quality Management, and apply it to current Chinese architecture practices as one possible solution to their demand for better management models.

Keywords: architectural practice, architectural service marketing, globalization, Chinese architects, management, quality control, social aspects, Total Quality Management



Table of Contents



Table of Contents




Chapter One: A Brief Market Analysis of Chinese Architectural Practices 1.1: The Rising Demand for Architecture Services 1.2: Opportunity and Challenge for Architecture Firms 1.3: Changes in the Structure of the Chinese Building Industry 1.4: Heated Competition in the Building Industry 1.5: Conclusion

4 5 8 12 18 20

Chapter Two: Total Quality Management in Business 2.1: Defining Total Quality 2.2: Summary of Total Quality 2.3: Total Quality Management Systems 2.4: Building Quality System 2.5: Action: Building and Sustaining Total Quality Organizations v

21 21 24 31 47 49

2.6: Conclusion


Chapter Three: Evaluations of Architects and Architectural Firms 3.1: Culture of Architects: From Artist to Social Professional 3.2: The Definition of Design Excellence 3.3: Successful Firm Lesson One: Balance Between Ideology and Business 3.4: Successful Firm Lesson Two: Models of Firms that Deliver Quality Designs 3.5: Growth of Architecture Firms 3.6: Conclusion

55 55 60 66 73 74 81

Chapter Four: Adopting TQM in Architectural Practice 4.1: How TQM Principles Can Improve Practice 4.2: Possible Benefits of TQM 4.3: The Barriers to Establish a Quality Management System 4.4: Establish a TQM Step-by-Step 4.5: Techniques for Managing Quality 4.6: Feedback Circle for Future Improvement 4.7: Documentation 4.8: Start Right Now 4.9: Leadership 4.10: Conclusion vi

84 84 86 88 89 96 104 105 106 106 107

Chapter Five: Additional TQM Strategies for Chinese Architectural Firms 5.1: Cultural Barriers to TQM 5.2: Building a TQM Process 5.3: Build a Successful Team 5.4: Conclusion

109 109 111 114 117

General Conclusion




Appendix A: ABC Architects Administrative Procedure Structure by Nelson Appendix B: Techniques for Managing Quality by Nelson

122 124


Introduction The building industry boom in China today has been...
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