Total Quality Management in Higher Education

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Ranjana, Lecturer
Doaba College of Education


In this world of ever-growing competition, rapid changes of technology, privatization and internalization in education have led to the use of the concept of TQM in higher education. Student is nowadays considered as a customer and the system of education needs to be according to the needs of the customer (Student).In India, inspite of a large number of Universities, deemed universities, medical, engineering, arts and science colleges the quality of higher education leaves much to be desired. Therein lays the need of applying TQM in higher education. The paper answers to the question as how to apply TQM in higher education.


Excellence-Whether in a National Endeavour, a Company, an Athletic competition or a Personal Goal-Comes from the Never Ending Pursuit of Improvement.

In this world of ever increasing competition, rapid changes of technology, declining quality, changing demographics, privatization and internalization in education have led to the use of the concept of TQM in education. The student nowadays is considered as customer and the system of education needs to be according to the requirement of the customer (student). India has 350- plus Universities and deemed universities and over 14,000 medical, engineering and arts and science colleges. Despite this the quality of higher education in India has left much to be desired. All this highlights the need for TQM in higher education. In this paper I intend to throw light on the application of TQM in higher education, simultaneously highlighting the benefits of applying TQM and the Accreditation agencies in India. For this, I surveyed the relevant literature on the topic. Conceptual background of TQM

The three major figures in the TQM movement are: W.Edwards Deming, originator of fourteen points of TQM, Dr. J.M.Juran, author of the Juran Trilogy and Philip B. Cresby, who outlined the four Absolutes of Quality Management. Dr. W.Edwards Deming, an American by origin is known as the “Father of the concept of TQM”. He framed the concept of TQM in 1946 after World War II for production of goods and services in consumer sector. It was intended to satisfy the quest by customers for quality in products The Americans didn’t realize its importance but the Japanese embraced the concept. As a result, Japanese secondary markets were rebuilded and its Tertiary economy also nurtured. This led the American Industrialists in 1980’s to adopt TQM as a vital component in their operations. TQM: Meaning

Total Quality Management or TQM is a management strategy aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes. Everyone in organization strives and creates customer satisfaction continually at lower real costs. Quality assurance through statistical methods is a key component. TQM aims to do things right the first time, rather than need to fix problems after they emerge. Higher education: Meaning

Higher education is the education beyond secondary school level. It includes the colleges and the Universities. TQM in Higher Education
TQM has been recently introduced and experimented in higher education. Many Universities and Colleges enhance the quality of higher education by applying Total Quality Management as a tool. We can understand the meaning of TQM in higher education in light of a definition given by Tulsi (2001)

“TQM in higher education means improving the quality of courses, input, instructional process, resource management processes and structure as well as student support service output and linkages with world of work and other organizations.” As the definition embraces a vast area of educational activity, therefore the support and...
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