Total Quality Management Checkpoint

Topics: Communication, Walkie-talkie, Total quality management Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: February 1, 2012
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May 19, 2011

Total Quality Management CheckPoint

Having an effective system of communication within a hotel is extremely important so that each department can communicate with each other without any complications. In case study 301, communication methods failed because of the lack of communicative equipment in each department. In order for each department to be able to communicate effectively and have the ability to do their respectful jobs without complications, each department should have their own phone lines as well as providing maintenance, housekeeping, and front desk staff with two way walkie talkies. This can eliminate the front desk from being swamped with calls and missing any important information that might be needed to accommodate guests. The use of walkie talkies will also give immediate information to department heads helping the problems to get resolved as soon as possible. Another tool that can be extremely useful in providing timely information to the front desk and other departments is the use of a IT system that is connected to the main computer located in the front desk. This will allow all departments to see what services need to be rendered as well as the time frame they have to work. The front desk should have a separate line for in house calls, reservations, and interdepartmental services to ensure quality service to guests. The quality of communication between departments in the hotel will determine the type of service that is being produced towards guests. The front desk must be able to communicate with housekeeping to determine the number of rooms’ available, housekeeping must be able to communicate with maintenance to ensure that repairs are made in a timely matter and so forth. Each department is dependent upon one another to provide quality service. Having an in house meeting with the heads of each department and providing each employee with the...
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