Total Quality Management

Topics: W. Edwards Deming, Management, PDCA Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: January 30, 2006
Total quality management or TQM is defined as a form of management that ensures that every element of the business is contributing to the overall total effort of a business of achieving the highest quality levels in the delivery of its products and services. This type of management's goal is to assure that everything that is produced has meet very high standards. In this paper I will discuss the history of Total Quality Management, the philosophy of Total Quality Management (Fourteen Points), and the advantages and disadvantages of using Total Quality Management.

Dr. W. Edward Deming first developed Total Quality Management in the mid 1930's. While working at an automobile plant as a consultant, Dr. Deming trained groups of workers, supervisors, and engineers about his quality control methods. During the 1940's Dr. Deming took a new assignment with government, he was to use his quality control methods to problems that focused on industrial production for the war.

When Dr. Deming returned for working in the government he noticed that American companies were not using his quality control methods. So he decided to work at the Japanese Census, whole working their Dr. Deming was invited to do a lecture at the Japanese Union of Scientist and Engineers on his statistical quality techniques. A professor from the department of Business Administration of the University of Japan attended the lecture and thought that what Dr. Deming was saying was true and that it could change the future of Japan. After attending Dr. Deming's lecture the professor told his students that if they wanted to change Japan's economy in the next five years that they should attend Dr. Deming's lecture on using statistics to achieve quality at a reduced cost. After Dr. Deming's lecture in Japan many manufacturing companies adopted his theories and were able to produce quality products at reduced costs.

Dr. Deming created the Fourteen Points of Total Quality Management upon three...
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