Total Quality Human Resource Management

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Total Quality Human Resources Management

By: Tiona VanDevender

Total quality human resources management (TQHRM) is “an approach to human resources management that involves many of the concepts of quality management.” The primary goal of TQHRM is employee empowerment. Several differences exist between the traditional human resources approach and TQHRM. Thomas Foster developed a table that was adapted from an article by Cardy and Dobbins. The table lists the major differences between traditional HRM and TQHRM. The key points offered by Dr. Foster are listed in Table 1. Table 1 HR versus TQHRM Process Characteristics Traditional HRM Unilateral role Centralization Pull Administrative Nomothetic Compartmentalized Worker-oriented Performance measures Job-based TQHRM Consulting role Decentralization Release Developmental Pluralistic Holistic System-oriented Satisfaction measures Person-based

Content Characteristics

Source: Adapted from S. Thomas Foster, "Managing Quality an Integrative Approach." Prentice-Hall: New Jersey, 2001. P.21

The TQHRM approach focuses on providing employee empowerment through alignment, authority, capability, and commitment. As Juran states: “The full potential of employee empowerment is realized in the empowered organization, when employees: align their goals with appropriate higher organization purpose; have the authority and opportunity to maximize their contribution; are capable of taking appropriate action; are committed to the organization’s purpose; and have the means to achieve it.”

Companies are beginning to realize that employee involvement is critical to product and service quality, and thus essential to the total quality management strategy.

How to implement TQHRM
The primary goal of TQHRM is to provide an atmosphere that promotes employee empowerment. Empowerment requires the alignment, authority, capability, and commitment of employees. In order to achieve these goals, Juran has identified...
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