Total Life Changes

Topics: Food, Nutrition, Carbohydrate Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: December 17, 2012

Summary in quick succession of the information you need for the Protocol.

Phase one – Three days. Place 10 drops under your tongue (sublingual) three times a day and eat PLENTY (binging days). Dont eat or drink anything 15 minutes before nor after taking the Drops.

Phase two – 23 or 40 days – Cycle of 500 calories. On 4th day place 10 drops of HCG under your tongue before each meal, hold under your tongue for 2 to 5 minutes, then swallow. If you find you are still a bit hungry, then you can put 12 to 15 drops as indicated to suppress appetite.

• Breakfast - 10 drops of HCG (30 minutes before) 1 Iaso NRG pill
1 Gano pill
8 ounces of Iaso Tea and/or black coffee
1 spn of Nutra Burst (can mix with Iaso Tea)
• 2 or 3 hours later- Choice of fruit or snack allowed • Lunch -10 drops of HCG (30 minutes before)
vegetables, proteins (those allowed in protocol) 8 ounces of Iaso Tea
1 Gano pill
• 2 or 3 hours later - Choice of fruit or snack allowed • Dinner - 10 drops of HCG (30 minutes before)
vegetables, proteins (those allowed in protocol) 8 ounces of Iaso Tea
• Last hour of food – It is recommended that the last meal be at least 3 hours before bedtime. I suggest 4 ounces of Iaso Tea

** We recommend that the Melba Toasts be used thru out the day, can be accompanied with the coffee.

Phase three – Three days. Same cycle as phase 2, however, NO HCG drops.

Phase four – Maintenance - 6 weeks. Increase calorie intake, women 1,200 and men 1,500. Avoid: sugar, breads, pastas, vegetables high in starch (potato, corn, carrots, beets, pumpkin), rice, grain, cereal, spaghetti, any type of flour etc. Be very careful with processed food because many contain...
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