Torture vs Human Rights

Topics: Ethics, Torture, Human rights Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Torture vs. Human right

ENG1101-Composition and Rhetoric

What are the ethics of torture? Ethics is the good and bad or right and wrong of a subject. “Torture is the act of inflicting excruciating pain”, intentionally to someone whether physical or mental. ( So is it ethical to say that there is good and bad torture or any good in torture and can torture help save lives. Many countries have accepted torture as a norm for punishment to get revenge and even confessions. Does torture really ensure positive results? No, this country and any others, third war or not, are surely on the wrong course when its leaders and their supporters suggest that torture, in any form, is acceptable. Torture is wrong and it takes away from human rights. We all have the right to practice our religion, speak our own language. We also have the right not to be tortured or abused even when we are accused of breaking the law. You can't give your rights away and no one or government should be allowed to take them from you.

In “The Case for Torture” Michael Levin says, “I am advocating torture as an acceptable measure for preventing evils” (682). Levin is saying here that you can use torture to solve problems and prevent evil. Is it reasonable to say that torture can prevent evil? No, that would be the same as saying evil can prevent evil. Can rape prevent rape? No and it would be unthinkable to believe it would. Evil does not prevent evil and nor does torture.

Levin goes on to say “Just as torture is justified only to save lives, it is justifiably administered only to those known to hold innocent lives in their hands”(683). Levin believes that torture if being used on a person who is hurting other is not torture. That’s the same as saying killing someone who murdered someone else is not murder and is justified. Torture is still torture no matter who it is towards and there is no justice to it. Nothing good can ever come from something bad.

Torture does not...

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