Torture in Guantanamo Bay

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Even Worse Pages: 1 (487 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Guantánamo Bay is a prison from the United States which is in Cuba. All kind of people are here in jail, but they are all very dangerous for the rest of the world. But one big problem is, is that it probably is going to close. A lot of people disagree with that decision so it’s not a fact that it is going to close. There are a lot of discussions about this topic so my proposition of this essay is: Guantánamo Bay should close. I definitely agree with this proposition because the prisoners that are in Guantánamo Bay didn’t have a fair process so it could be possible that the people aren’t guilty and that they are in jail for something they haven’t done. The prisoners are still human beings so they have all the rights to get a fair process with a lawyer. This is a form of torture because they are just being tossed in to a detection center without any fair justice. Another argument is that the guards from Guantánamo Bay using torture and are abusing their rights. The guards may use violence when the prisoners are fighting or something. But there is some evidence that the guards torture the prisoners for nothing. The prisoners are still human beings and has their rights but they can’t use them in Guantánamo Bay. The last argument to close Guantánamo Bay is the fact the conditions of the prison are very bad. Prisoners can’t live their normal and the hygiene is very bad in Guantánamo Bay. With the fact that guards are using water and whips to let the prisoners talk about the murder or something that they have done (or not) makes it even worse. When people in Guantánamo Bay don’t live in normal conditions, then they can’t live normal. Even if they are in prison and murdered somebody, then they still are human beings and needs to have a normal live. An argument to keeps the prison open is that it will cost a lot of time and a lot of money to give all the prisoners a fair process. All the prisoners need lawyers and judges to have a fair process which cost a lot of time...
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