Topics: Torture, Human rights / Pages: 8 (1929 words) / Published: Apr 13th, 2013
Torture is Justifiable

The limited use of torture should be permitted in the US in order to protect the wellbeing of the public. Torture can be both an effective means of gathering information, and it can be reasonably justified in some circumstances. Some of these circumstances can be any time where there is a huge amount of human wellbeing are in danger. With out a doubt, some people may be worried that allowing torture may make way for several human rights violations. However, this is not the case, torture can be used with moral justification. Now the true questions is proposed; “Can torture ever be an acceptable form of acquiring information?” Regardless of what many people might believe, there is a large amount of evidence that suggests that torture can be, if done correctly, a very effective way of acquiring information needed for the safety of the general public. Take for example, the French military using several sorts of torture in Algeria. In 1956, the Algerian National Liberation Front started up a terrorist bombing campaign that often targeted the public. Because of said campaign, the French government initiated a counterinsurgency campaign in order to defeat the Algerian National Liberation Front. This campaign included a number of torture techniques witch were used a handful of times. With the use of these techniques and a highly powerful military, just month’s later France was victorious. This is very strong evidence from history that shows that it is indeed possible to use torture as an acceptable way to acquire information. ( Most people might say that torture is a violation of human rights. However, at times it is necessary to understand that said torture in proper context of defending the life of the innocent. When has it ever been questioned morally if a police officer shot someone down, that was attempting against the life of another person? No one will argue for the rights of the person allegedly attempting to kill or

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