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200008 Torts Law
School of Law, College of Business

Learning Guide
Autumn Semester 2012


Unit Information
Consultation times
Expectations of student conduct
Links to key policies and information affecting students
Schedule of learning and teaching activities
PASS peer mentoring program
Actions taken to improve the unit
Learning outcomes
How the learning activities and assessment will support the learning and teaching outcomes

Assessment Information
Summary of assessment items and weighting
Mid semester Assessment Task
Final Exam - requirements, criteria and standards
Extension of due date for submission
Special Consideration for a specific assessment task
Special Consideration for part or whole of the teaching session

Learning Resources Information
Prescribed material
Other texts
Electronic materials
Referencing requirements


Unit Co-ordinator:
Professor Carolyn Sappideen
Building EK Room 22 Parramatta Campus
Phone: 9685 9086 or email:

Head of Program:
Assoc Prof Mac Collings
Building EK Room 13 Parramatta campus
Phone: 9685 9616 or email:

Seminar Leaders at Campbelltown:
Ms Liesel Spencer
Building 22 , room 75
Phone 4620 3773 or email:

Seminar Leaders at Parramatta:

Susan Fitzpatrick
Building EK Room 30 Parramatta Campus
Phone: 9685 9078 or email:

Katrina George
Building EK Room 33 Parramatta Campus
Phone: 9685 9243 or email:

Nikki Bromberger
Building EK Room 37 Parramatta Campus
Phone 9685 9259 or email

Administrative Staff:
Yvonne Daly.
Building EK, Room G06 Parramatta Campus
Phone 9685-9629 or email:

Dorothy Sargant-Stevens
Building 22 Room 35 Campbelltown Campus
Phone: 4620-3679 or email:

Library Staff:
David Sinfield, Law Librarian
Law Library Room En 1.09 Parramatta Campus
Phone: 9685-9101 or email:

Joy Keast
Library Campbelltown Campus
Phone: 4620-3113 or email:

Consultation Times

Generally, staff are available by appointment. In the first seminar, seminar leaders will notify their students if they have specific appointment times and these times will be published on vUWS.

Expectations of Student Conduct

1. This Unit emphasises the responsibility of each student for his/her own learning. Students are expected to prepare by doing the prescribed reading before each seminar. Students should timetable 6 -7 hours per week in which to complete the readings, work on seminar exercises and maintain study notes.

2. Each teacher has his/her individual teaching style, but generally the classes are conducted as interactive seminars which include questions and discussion. Students are encouraged to contribute to class discussion and ask questions to improve their understanding.

3. Students are expected to respect the contribution of other students. Contribution should be courteous, polite and sensitive to different points of view.

4. The Torts Law vUWS homepage is an important source of information. Students are expected to check vUWS each week to ensure they keep up to date.

Links to Key Policies and Student Information

A special web page has been set up at: to help students locate key policies and information

This includes information about:
• Review of Grade Policy
• Special Consideration Policy
• Assessment Policy
• Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism

Schedule of Seminars

|Week |Seminar Topic | | |1 |Introduction...

Links: | |Mid-semester assessment will be held on Saturday April 14, 2012 Further details will be posted on vUWS. |
|7 |Duty of Care |
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