Tornado Alley

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“ A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extend down from a dark clouds and moves over land in a narrow, destructive path.”( earth science textbook) That is the definition of a tornado it doesn't sound fun or cheerful at all. but to the people that live in tornado alley it is something they are used to. There are many factors the cause tornados to appear in tornado alley, but the main one is location. But where is the location?? Why is it this location?? Locations it eh most important reason the tornados form in tondo alley.

Location is important the exact location is very important. The states that are in tornado alley are in two parts, the heart of tornado alley states are, texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and south dakota. The States that are in tornado alley just less intense are Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Iwoa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. But texas and Oklahoma have the most dangerous tornados of them all. These states are hevally under debate this information of the states came from NOAA/US National Weather Service. But one of the reason that tornadoes happen a lot here is because they are in the plains. Tornados like flat land to travel on and the plains don't have that many hills thus giving the tornadoes perfect conditions. Tornadoes rarely to never happen in cities with plenty of walls or large structures/buildings. the location is very important.

Location tornados need specific things to form. First during the summer the middle united states plains can get very high temperatures, thus causing updrafts. Also warm air form the gulf of mexico makes the temperatures rise even more. At the same time cold air form Canada is on its way down. When these to air masses meet the cause thunderstorms. Tornados a form in thunderstorms. It happened when the unstable hot air from the ground rises coming in contact with the cool air about the thunderstorm thus causing tornados. But...
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