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Over the past century, tornado deaths in the U.S. have been declining significantly. Have the number of observed tornadoes gone down as well? Is there any relationship between these two variables? What does this tell us about cause-and-effect relationships? Over this time period, how has the impact of tornadic storms on U.S. society changed and why?

Tornado deaths in the U.S. have declined in the past century due to the advance detection of tornado watching.  The numbers of observed tornadoes have gone down in currently but they can be unpredictable due to the atmospheric changes in the air.  A tornado can sometimes touch down in some areas without warning. The impact of tornadic storms on U.S. society changed because it has become common events.  People even take tornadoes less serious than they did in the past. We now have better technology which can sometimes detect a storm forming before it reaches its full mass.  It also gives level of the storms strength, and direction. 

Over the past century the deaths caused by tornado has slowly started to decrease. I think one of the reason that this could be happing is because from the beginning of the century to now the technology to detect tornadic has greatly increase. With the atmospheric changing because of the greenhouse effect tornadoes are unpredictable and could drop out of the sky without any warning. With the amount tornados that happens each year the people in society tend to take the warnings more serious. I can remember when growing the little town that I grew up in had no type of warning for incoming tornados. What our warning was as soon as we seen rotation clouds or heard on the radio that there was a tornado in the area we would get on the fire truck and race up and down the streets with the siren going and this alerted the people that there was a tornado in the area. I take tornado warnings very serious because I am a survivor of a...
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