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Chapter 1

"It's all your fault!" she said monotonously, yet in a tone dripping with displeasure, causing her low voice to pierce through the quiet corridors of the nighttime emergency room. "It's all your fault! You're the one who's in the wrong!"

As if to emphasize her point, Aisaka Taiga, sitting alone on the rightmost edge of the sofa, muttered under her breath again. On the same sofa, sitting as far left as possible, Takasu Ryuuji looked down at his own fingernails with his vicious, upturned, razor-sharp eyes. He had arrived early on the conclusion that no matter what he said, he would be wasting his time. Moreover, he didn't have the strength to argue anymore, nor was this the time to do so anyway. An ambulance drove past the window, the sudden, piercing siren causing Ryuuji to jump. The deafening siren cut off abruptly, as if stifled. Only the revolving red light remained; its flashes dragging Ryuuji's and Taiga's silhouettes across the linoleum floor. It seemed like the attached emergency department of the University Hospital was busier than ever, even on weeknights. "...What time is it?"

Tacking on "I forgot my watch," as if talking to herself, Taiga turned towards Ryuuji, her face pale white even in the dark. However, she refused to meet his gaze. Not letting it bother him, Ryuuji flipped open his cell phone, "Just before ten."

He replied curtly. That is to say, it had been nearly an hour already since they had rushed here by taxi. Feeling depressed and unbearably weary, Ryuuji subconsciously sighed to himself. Next to him, Taiga sighed as well, and started to twirl her waist-long hair. Seeing her like this, Ryuuji told her, "You should go home first." He had said this out of concern, as she looked tired, but... "...needing a dog to be worried about me, I've really fallen far, haven't I? What I want to do is my business, not yours! If you try to order me around again..." her low growl crept along the ground, their surroundings instantly transformed into a jungle that reeked of blood. In the center of this world that she ruled, Taiga cracked her right knuckles noisily. Her eyes that had avoided Ryuuji's for nearly an hour now looked straight at him, filled with terrible killing intent and overflowing contempt. In terms of appearance, Ryuuji was her equal - mostly black eyes with a hint of blue, his eyes gave off a knife-like glint as he met Taiga’s stare head on... or so it seemed. In truth, they were nothing more than a physical hereditary trait. "What’s with that...? Fine, do whatever you want."

Ryuuji replied in a small voice. Unable to bear sitting on the same sofa with the wild beast any longer, Ryuuji quickly stood up while pretending to remain indifferent. "...Fuh."
Taiga arrogantly snorted then slid with her bottom towards the center of the monopolized sofa. And then, puffing out her small chest like a king, she coldly thrust her chin upwards. Even at a time like this, she was the king of the carnivores, the atrocious wild tiger. With a small, temptingly beautiful face and a delicate body that was so small she didn’t seem like a second-year high schooler, she was wearing a flower-patterned one-piece dress that was puffed up with lace and frills, over which her light chestnut brown hair spilled gently down her back. Every aspect of Taiga’s being looked so delicate that it was almost too much; her loveliness that resembled a French doll had the elegance of a rose bud. It was unfortunate, but that rose bud was concealing a lethal dose of poison. No, not concealing, but scattering into all directions. So, this cruel, brutal, and ferocious girl was called the Palmtop Tiger. After a bunch of stuff happened, the one who had by some miracle been living peacefully with that Palmtop Tiger would be Ryuuji, however... "Haa..."

Stooping down, he rubbed his eyes with both hands. Things had taken a serious turn for the worse. Ryuuji, who normally was calm, was horribly tense right now. After rushing to the...
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