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Name:Yutian Wang
Business Name:Topshop 
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Marketing Plan
Prepared: [25 Dec 2013]

Table of Contents

Marketing Plan Summary

[Please complete this page last]

[The marketing plan summary is a snapshot of your more detailed answers from your marketing plan. It should be easy to read and simple to follow. ]

Introduction of Topshop
Business name: Topshop Corporation
Business structure: Topshop Corporation is owned by Arcadia Group Ltd, which have 75% shares of Topshop Corporation  ABN: 48 151 420 549
ACN: #088239838
Business location: The Headquarter is set in London, United Kingdom, having four stores in Australia now Date established: 1964
Business owner(s): CEO: Katie Foster 
                       Owner: Sir Philips Green  Products or Services: Fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories

Market Overview
Target market:
 The Topshop Corporation focus on the customers of young people, who is between 15 and 30 years old, especially for young females who likes to pubbing, clubbing and have a sense of fun. For this moment, our consumer market niche is not the higher income level but the young people on budget. Customer profile:

Our customer profile is young people driven by a need to be fashionable and trendy, they like all trend setting magazines. Our brand also appears to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. Competitor profile:

The main competitors includes H&M, Zara, French Connection and GAP. These companies are all retailer corporations, which has international business and online retail stores, and larger market shares in fashion retail market comparing with Topshop.   

Marketing Objectives
Goals . The objectives can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the Topshop Corporation is focusing on the international business, the recent objective is built more than 100 stores all over the world in less than five years to raise the awareness of the brand. Secondly, in order to increase the sales, the Topshop corporation decides to expand their market targeting level, raising the brand position, promoting the cooperation with famous international fashion designer, the objective is to build a international fashion brand with different position of sales.  

Marketing Strategy
Your strategy and marketing mix:
[Use this section to summarize the overall strategy and marketing mix (The 8 P’s Product: The Topshop corporation will not change fashion clothing as its main product, but more accessories will be promoted to the market, 

Place and Time:
Physical Environment
Productivity and Quality 
you will use to position yourself within the market to meet your customers’ needs. Whatever your strategy, you goal should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors to encourage customers to choose your business first.]

Action Steps
Top 10 Action Steps:
[Create a list of the Top 10 action steps that will bring your theoretical objectives (your marketing strategy and objectives) to life. E.g. Finish S.W.O.T. Activity Sheet, complete marketing budget]  Background Analysis

The background analysis should give a snapshot of where you are right now, where you have been and where you want to go. Undertaking this process will help you to define your business's capabilities and find opportunities within your particular market. Finally, defining your core business elements will ensure that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly.

Business overview
[The overview should cover the nuts and bolts of your business including:

The name, structure and date of establishment Topshop is a British multinational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. It was established in...
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