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Topshop being a popular brand never fails to have the latest styles and fashion trends.

It not only has a large variety of mens and womens clothes it also has adjoined and opened other stores which target different age groups and styles.

Topshop has been linked with major designers and celebrities like Kate Moss who has further helped promote the brand and its quality.


Although aimed at a younger target market Topshop is said to be slightly higher priced than the average young person can afford.

Their quality may not always be to the standard of the consumers desire.


Topshop is a powerful and strong brand which is able to further expand in their branch locations nationally and stores internationally.

They can always continue to expand their range of products, perhaps offering even more cosmetics or even branching into a stationary line if they felt the need.

Further promotions and sales would never fail in attracting loyal and even new clients.


The company has many competitors with a high range of similar clothing available for the same age group, consumers have a large variety of shops to choose from.

Consumers may feel obliged to go for knock offs or cheaper brand stores, should they feel the price is just too high.

Having the store in so many locations could drive the buyer away as it is overwhelming and in too many areas in too close proximities.

Ethical Issues

Topshop has made several breakthroughs and has been able to spread some awareness of current global issues. The company has made a standpoint against fur trade and taken great efforts to stop using fur. They announced that none of their products contain nor will be produced with real animal fur as a way to make their mark and help the protection of animals while supporting the PETA foundation.

Topshop were also a big part of MADE, which is a major jewelry company who send designs to Africa and local craft people make the jewelry which is then sold back in Europe to promote awareness and raise money for Africa.

They have also been involved with several other charitable events and are a strong supporter for breast cancer and children’s foundations.

A major demonstration was held in their main store in Oxford Street London, where people were able to realize to seriousness of the issue. This helped bring awareness not only to the consumers but passers by as well, which in this generation may have been overlooked by some. They continue to promote using alternative textiles to real animal fur however despite these efforts including only using pure organic cottons for their garments, Topshop have also faced accusation of using Asian slave laborers in the production line.

Competitors Perceptual Mapping




Strategies of Competitive Advantage


With hundreds of stores globally in over 33 different countries, topshop is a well branched ever growing business.

Strategic locations of each store are clearly notable, with most of its stores in Singapore being placed on the ground (first) floor or near public transport such as mrt’s, and buses – which is greatly used by the younger population. Allowing for a great competitive advantage of drawing in their clients.

Store Locations in Singapore include;

Ion Mall

Topshop, 2 Orchard Turn ,B2 - 01 Ion Orchard ,238801 ,Singapore Tel: 0065 6509 8602

Marina Square

Topshop, 6 Raffles Boulevard ,02-109/111/112 ,Marina Square ,039594 ,Singapore Tel: 0065 6837 3878

Raffles City

Topshop, 252 North Bridge Road ,02 - 39 Raffles City ,179101 ,Singapore Tel: 0065 6334 2808

Seiyu Bugis Junction

Topshop, 230 Victoria Street ,22/01/2029 ,Bhg Bugis...
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