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Topshop is a well known British, multinational clothing retailer which specialises in the latest fashion converning clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up. Out of its 440 shops across the globe, 300 of these are based in Britain. Topshop is owned by Arcadia Group Ltd. The company has managed to avoid paying U.K tax as the owner is a resident of Monaco. Other current operations include; Dorothy Perkins, Evans, BHS and Miss Selfridge. Topshop are introducing the idea of a plus size range but the following research needs to be undertaken in order to overcome market potential for new product

sales and repeat business
brand image
social stigmas attached to larger women
"Gone are the curvy but slender figures of the 1950s; Britons are taller, straighter and larger." The average size of the UK woman is a size 14-16 yet most retailers only stock sizes 16-18. It is clear that there is a potential market for Topshop to introduce a new plus size collection. However there are some indicating factors that are present which could prevent the idea from commencing. Topshop has stated the following on their website about their brand: An extraordinary retail phenomenon, Topshop appeals to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. United by their desire for the latest forward thinking trends, these shoppers enjoy both the store's exclusive cult status and accessibility simultaneously. With over one million customers visiting stores every week in pursuit of an up-to-the minute fashion fix, the average customer is a loyal follower of the brand. She cannot be defined by her age - which can range from early teens to fifty something's - but instead her attitude. Style conscious and independent, she is addicted to fashion but is not dictated to. Instead she throws away the rulebook and aims for a unique look. Topshop currently has the following 'shop by fit' collections in store and online: Tall (132...
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