Toppits Food

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Brand Pages: 3 (561 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Toppits Food Ltd 
Problem is that there’s not enough exposure of the product in terms of marketing (main problem)   Symptoms: 
profitability of garlic and herbs cubes are not as high as expected  market share in the industry (low at 2.5%) 
Sara Gremout VP of brand strategy  
Distribution channel members 
Decision Criteria: 
market share  
inventory turnover  
brand loyalty/ recognition  
competitive advantage  
cost of goods sold  
sara is educated and experienced in advertising  
brand recognition is strong 
Garlic and herb cubes known for it ease of use, convenience and freshness  Current strategy comprised of in store promotions, active store samplings and coupons  Current Marketing Mix: Premium pricing to differentiate quality, distributed through grocery store and warehouses, uses coupons and sampling to promote product  Target market women between ages 25 – 54 (primary) 

the company has exclusive right to sell Garlic and herb product in Canada  the grocery industry is growing (3% over the past year) 
opportunities to expand into a secondary market (the jewish community)  Opportunities to increase distributions channels such as through Wal Mart and Costco   Threats: multiple competition in the market with lower prices   Possibility of removal from shelf due to competition  

Consumer Analysis: 
Homemakers, as well as women with full time jobs who could benefit from saving time using this product. Emphasis is on time value society (45% of 32m = 14.4m)  Students (16% of 32m = 5.12m of market) 

Jewish community prefers kosher foods (1% of 32m = 0.32m) 
Competitive Analysis: 
traditional herbs 40 – 50% of current market 
gormet garden -> tubes, short shelf life, many preservatives used, contained allergens  McCormick: strong brand recognition and large distribution network, lower aulity  Derlea Jars: small...
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