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Topic Tourism

By untiltedperson Dec 23, 2010 348 Words
Khushvaktova Kamola
Essay on topic “Tourism”.
Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries bit its disadvantages should not be overlooked. What are some of the problems of tourism?

Often, people are surprised when they hear that the tourism industry has problems. Indeed, many perceive tourism as a fascinating kind of rest that allows changing of scenery and lifestyle for a while. Whatever it was, tourism has not only advantages, but also disadvantages, such as pollution of the environment, the problems of population and security.

The biggest problem of tourism is air and land pollution. In fact, the more people visiting the country, the more debris could be found there. Tourists go on picnics and visit the monuments and landmarks and everywhere leave trash behind them. Also, tourists often use transport: rent cars or use buses. All this transport produces many different toxic substances that pollute the air.

The second problem of fast growing tourism is the problem of population. Some cities, which are very popular for tourists, are not big enough for the number of people, who visit them every year. Because of this, there is a problem of placing these people. Hotels are being built for tourists on the places that once used to be forests or parks.. There are crowds on the streets and traffic jams on the roads.

The last problem of tourism, which affects this essay, is a security problem. Moreover, this problem concerns both tourists and indigenous people. After all, a tourist is an easy target for fraudsters and thieves as they are in unfamiliar territory and very often do not know the local language. They are very easy to be cheated or robbed. On the other hand, many criminals are among tourists. because they are in this country permanently, and they are very difficult to catch.

In conclusion, tourism is very important sector for many countries. But we should not disregard and its shortcomings. And governments should try to find a solution to these problems; otherwise they can inflict great damage to those countries.

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