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Topics: Vegetarianism, Nutrition, Veganism, Diets / Pages: 2 (393 words) / Published: Jun 19th, 2002
Janette Spinks
Susan Johnson
Nutrition Report
9 May 2002

Vegetarianism and Cancer

Being a vegetarian is becoming more and more popular in today's society with the need to be politically correct. As doctors look further in to this lifestyle they are finding more and more benefits to a person being a vegetarian. In an article entitled "Vegetarian Diets During Cancer Treatment" written by Donna Paglia, M.S., R.D. discuss the benefits to being a vegetarian as far as cancer goes. Within the article she discuss the research that shows that by having a vegetarian diet you can reduce your cancer rates. Researchers are currently looking at the multitude of antioxidants and phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, as a result of some promising studies showing these foods' anti-cancer properties. This research is leading us to believe that a vegetarian diet may be one of the best preventive measures against certain cancers. Though there has not been any consensus on the type diet that should be used vegetarian is seen to be one of the best ways to go. She also discuss the different foods that should be eaten during the treatment for cancer. She shows several charts with different foods and the amounts that should be consumed. She suggest a diet that is high in protein as well as high in calories. This is to meet the body's demands, as well as to maximize the value of a reduced volume of food. Small, frequent, high calorie snacks may be helpful. She also discuss the different type of vegetarianism such as veganism and how they can adjust there diets to obtain these benefits. She gives a several examples of the type of the food that can eat and the measurement. She clarifies the different types of vegetarianism and some of their benefits. This gives a well rounded point view. She gives a lot of great information that would help people to make decision on whether or not to become a vegetarian during cancer treatment. It also gives great

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