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Topics: Patient, Nonverbal communication, Health care provider Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Lanier Moore
Professor Lee
English 1102
October 28, 2014
Is that even your job?
Most people go to work, sit in a desk or teach a classroom, doing what their job description says. Not nurses. Many nurses go above and beyond what their job descriptions say. Going above and beyond is not just staying all night to make sure a patient makes it through another night, or coming early because you know a certain patient is always awake before rounds and needs your help. For this paper, the terms of above and beyond stretch further than just what you physically do for your patients. It stretches to the emotional and mental support provided by these people. The real question that nurses are faced with daily is “Is that even your job?”. One may wonder is that their job? Not necessarily so, but research done by a team of Doctors sponsored by proves that 96% of nurses feel that they had a responsibility to help patients prepare for the end of their lives. But then again, 72% said they felt uncomfortable giving bad news to the patient and/or families (McLennon et. al, 2013). As one may realize, there are nurses strongly on both sides. Both of these percentages are obviously on the majority side of things. The real question is which is right? Which majority is correct? Significance

This is a worldwide dilemma that affects every person out there, unless somehow you manage never to go to a hospital, which probably won’t ever happen. With the realization of this dilemma, there will be a significant breakthrough in patient care. Realizing there is a problem will require extra classes to be added to the curriculum involving how to handle these problems, so that healthcare professionals, especially nurses will know how to handle these situations. Investigation

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing concern that nurses may not be applicable communicators due to lack of education (Chant, Simon et. al, 2002). This lack of education of how to...
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