Topic Based Questions Week 1 Tarasha Pierce

Topics: Social enterprise, Problem solving, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Tarasha Pierce
Dr. Perry-Rivers
Seminar - Issues in Management:
Social Entrepreneurship, Spring 2015
January 18, 2015

Topic Based Questions:

1) What is entrepreneurship?
a. A movement with the goal to effect positive social change. 2) Define social entrepreneurship based on your reading. Which of the definitions provided do you believe is ideal or the most encompassing? a. Social entrepreneurship based on my reading are the people who want to go into business for themselves with the goal that society will benefit from their company. There is a need (problems related to people and the planet) that an individual or group of people desire to meet and are able to generate a profit while doing so. b. Social entrepreneurship arises from an unconscious spirit of generosity within various people who produce a facility to envision, resource and enable activity which otherwise exists as unmet need. Need is lessened by a social entrepreneur who possesses unique qualities to match the need. 3) What is the difference between social and commercial entrepreneurship? a. The primary focus is on economic returns for commercial entrepreneurship, while in social entrepreneurship the focus is on social returns. So the difference is economic value versus social value. 4) Define the bottom line, double bottom line and the triple bottom line. On which do most social enterprises focus? (5 things you should know) a. The bottom line- Are the profits that are left after all of the expenses are paid from the revenue generated through sales. b. The double bottom-line- Maximizing the social good the business can do or are doing. c. The triple bottom-line- The company reduces their carbon footprint or through their action alleviate environmental problems. d. Traditional business main focus is the bottom-line.

5) How is social entrepreneurship different than CSR?
a. Social corporate responsibility involves a business making a profit while doing something ethical based...
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