Top Three Illegal Drugs

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Top Three Illegal Drugs
February 11, 2012

Top Three Illegal Drugs
Illegal drugs tend to be abused by millions of people. This is a big problem in most countries today. According to the Los Angeles Times article that 200 million people that use illegal drugs might die from the health problems (L.A. Times, 2012). Using illegal drugs sometimes can end in death for the abuser. An abuser chooses his drug choice or even might use two different illegal drugs. The top three drugs of 2007 are heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine (Listverse, 2007). These are abused by people and this leads to negative effects of the abuser and their families and friends. If anyone has experienced family members abusing this is very hard for one to sit around and watch them do. The number one drug from the top 10 drug list is heroin. According to Listverse article heroin is an opiate processed directly from the extracts of the opium poppy (Listverse, 2007). The street names used for Heroin are: A-bomb, which is Heroin and marijuana together, Guaramine, caffeine, “H,” Junk are a few names that this drug Heroin goes by on the street (Bio-drug-slang, 2003-2011). Heroin abuse has become a big problem in the United States. A person that abuses usually has no goals in life other than to use Heroin on a daily bases. Heroin is usually used by injecting themselves with the drug. If the user does not inject the Heroin they will not fill the rush as someone who does inject the drug. When a person uses Heroin the effects on the body and brain by converting to morphine and binds to the receptors known as optiod receptors. This can affect a person’s breathing, blood pressure, and one’s arousal. If they overdose on Heroin this will suppress the respiration, one could die from this (NIDA, 2010). Heroin also affects family and friends by the abuser stealing from their families and friends to get the drug. The abuser might also neglect his responsibilities such as his job, and family. Sometimes the abuser could wander off for several days do to his addiction to Heroin. The abuser could have a considerable amount of behavioral changes toward his family in friends. This abuser family and friends could be very angry at the abuser for use Heroin. Family and friends can help the abuser seek out help for their addiction (Heroin, 2012).

The second drug on the list is cocaine. Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaline obtained from the leaves of the coca plant (Listverse, 2007). There are street names for the drug Cocaine they are: Blow, “C,” Coke, Crack, Rock, to name a few of them that people use to identify the drug instead of its name (Bio-drug-slang, 2003-2011).Cocaine is also a big problem in the United States, which they are always fighting to keep this drug out of the United States by having border patrols looking for it and customs as well to search for this drug. Cocaine is abused in ways such as sniffing, or snorting it. Some people either like to smoke it or inject the drug which deliveries the drug faster. The abuser usually gets pleasure from this drug 15 to 30 minutes at a time and having to repeat the use of the drug to have the effect last longer. Each time an abuser does this they have to use a higher and higher dosage each time to maintain the effects of the drug (NIDA, 2010). When the abuser uses Cocaine it may have adverse effect on the body such as constricts blood vessels, dilated pupils, and increase in body temperature. This can also give the abuser headaches, gastrointestinal problems. The abuser will also deprive themselves of food and will become malnourish, because of the fact the abuser is not eating properly. The abuser may also suffer from having severe paranoid psychosis (NIDA, 2010). The abuser can have effect on how he interacts with family and friends. The abuser will be occupied with the drug and they have no since of time. They also do not pay attention to their to their job or...

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