Top Laptop Brands in India

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Top Laptops in India
With more people getting tech savvy and computer literate, many Indians are looking at getting their own personal pocket PCs. From business professionals to college graduates, everyone in India seems to be harboring for a laptop. One of their main advantages over a desktop computer is the ability to carry it around and the portability factor. Laptops are generally used by those who work outside the workplace, who are heavily into graphic designing and need to stay in touch with anyone and everyone 24 x 7. Laptops have become a symbol of status for many too. To own a laptop means you are a class apart and have an asset only the rich can afford. Even in organisations, only the senior levels are given laptops, while the lower levels are to make do with the bulky computers. As you go higher the echelons, a laptop is given to you. This marks your growth and earns a higher reputation. There are many computer organisations that have launched in India all to woo the Indian consumer with an asset that was marked for the upper class only. Companies fighting for a share in the computer market include multinational companies like Dell, Intel, HP Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba and others. With competition nearly neck-to-neck, all these companies try to come up with new gadgets and gizmos to entice people to buy their product and its accessories. Laptops are competing with desktops for market space and are trying to capitalize on the fact that they are portable and mobile and you can get work done anytime-anywhere. Laptops took off when mobile services lacked the ability to take the extra step and go all out. When mobile companies tried giving access to people who were on the move, this was a great opportunity for laptop companies to make use of their own technology and create a laptop with easy accessibility. In 2007, the laptop market grew by 84.8 per cent with Hewlett Packard (HP) retaining the first place again. They had a market niche of 37.8 per cent. Lenovo and Acer came in a close second and third respectively. India’s local manufacturers still have a long way to go if they want to make it into the top five. As for now, multinationals laptop companies continue to dominate the market. Most laptop manufacturers offer great features which are powerfully presented, have stylish designs, wide array of colours and can be custom made to suit your special needs. With friendly and easy to use functions, configurations that meet people’s requirements, latest design on your system, you can have all these features in one laptop alone. Many laptop companies have different styled presentations for their laptops to market them as unique and one of a kind. Organisations pick a particular USP that no other has and hard sell the fact. For instance if you want style Sony is the laptop company. It gives you durability and style like no other. You can flaunt your trendy lifestyle with the laptop you carry. Similarly cost is also a market cutter. It determines where you stand in the market. As more and more middle class citizens are enjoying higher salaries, laptops are entering their homes. Hence a reasonably priced laptop will certainly enjoy a larger size of the market than an extremely high priced one. But with the increasing need of a laptop the market is certainly in its nascent stage and has colossal grow potential. IBM Laptop

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Nicknamed Big Blue, IBM has a long history dating back to the 19th century related to information technology. They have been one of the few companies to consistently offer different services like infrastructure, mainframe computers and even nanotechnology. Known as the world’s largest computer manufacturer, IBM has consistently delivered to its valued clients and customers around the world. For IBM, innovation, trust and personal responsibility are the pillars which embody their success. IBM India is the fourth largest employer in the Indian IT sector....
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