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Top 5 Most Emotional Moments with the Accordion in The Book Thief

#5 Hans’ performance before he goes off to war
The Book Thief takes place in Nazi Germany with a girl named Liesel Meminger. Her mother gives her up to the Hubermanns because they are being persecuted for their communist beliefs. The Hubermanns are nice people; there is Rosa who is a stout and abrasive woman and then there is Hans who is an affable and kind man. Liesel loves to read and learn new words. One day Hans gets a letter from the army saying they need him for battle. That night Hans is at the bar drinking away his fears and sorrow when he takes out his accordion. Hans performs for everyone who is able to hear. This moment in time is very emotional for Hans. He is leaving for war and the Accordion helps him create a last word for himself before he departs with his life in his hands. Hans does not know what awaits him although he has been in battle before he has never been fighting for something he didn’t want. This moment of knowing he has to leave his loved ones recaptures his feelings for his family. #4 Liesel’s nightmares

Liesel continually finds herself waking up with nightmares from her brother’s death. Her brother died on the train when they were going to the Hubermanns. Her nightmares started the first day she was with the Hubermanns. Hans tries his best to sooth her pain from the memories by playing the accordion for her “Some days papa told her to get back into bed and wait a minute, and he would return with his accordion and play for her.” (Zusak 37) He plays for her to not only amuse her but to show her that he cares. Liesel’s nightmares tend to reoccur every night until she realizes that she is loved and she can trust her new family. The accordion plays a big role in this moment for not only Liesel but also for Hans because it signifies their connection with each other and their relationship together. Liesel’s nightmares of her brother are replaced with fun memories...
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